Energy for the future!

11. January 2023

Energy for the future

In line with our environmental policy, we at MBS AG have been striving for a while to come closer to climate neutrality step by step.
We are now using two large block-type thermal power stations, which cover a large part of the energy consumption for for our company’s own self-production of electrical power and heat.
CHP unit is a modular system for generating electrical power and heat. In case of local operation, the CHP can use 80-90% of the energy obtained.
Our photovoltaic plant extends our measures to reduce the CO2 share. We generate about 420,000 kWh of energy through it.
With this combination we can generate a large part of our required energy ourselves and this for the most part CO2 neutral.

In 2021, we were able to saved              1.410.000 kg CO2. 🙂