NEW: Middle voltage Transformer and Sensors

21. June 2019

In November 2012, MBS AG kicked off its medium-voltage business. Without one year the first medium-voltage current transformer from MBS AG has been sucesssfully installed.

In the meantime, a lot has happened at MBS AG. In addition to the conventional medium-voltage current and voltage transformers, which can be used both for billing purposes and for frequency-optimized design for measuring harmonics, we have brought on the market so called “Own needs Current transformer” and medium Voltage Sensors.

After MBS AG initially only acted as a dealer, the cooperation with KPB has been intensified. Now MBS AG acts as a manufacturer. In addition to the production of medium-voltage CTs and VTs, we can also manufactured solid and splitcore cast resin current transformers. These are used, for example, for earth fault detection in medium voltage system.

Next to the grid operators and the municipal utilities, we also deliver medium voltage panelbuilders. The satisfaction of our customers led to a significant increase in sales, which was one reason of the building of a full automated pallet warehouse with a total of 600 parking spaces at or head office in Sulzbach-Laufen.

Convince yourself of our outstanding product quality and our short and flexible delivery times. We look forward to receiving your inquiry and advising you from the initial phase of the project.