Energy metering was never so simple

4. May 2020

Measure – energy – quickly

Both the new series of meters provide the options of recording energy consumptions precisely, recognising fault sources quickly, and increasing energy efficiency. The measurements are designed for single and three phase systems. Two tariffs are available.

Various interfaces, such as M-Bus, Modbus, KNX, LAN-TCP/IP, eVision, and Wireless M-Bus are available for selection. An S0 pulse, an M-Bus, or Modbus interface is integrated into the compact 4-subunit-sized cases. In addition, for the single and three phase meter with a width of 1 subunit, the individual interfaces can be connected to the meter as communication modules via an infra-red interface. The devices are installed directly next to the measurement device, and communicate via the infra-red interface installed on the side.

The energy meters’ advanced functions play a significant role in communication. Communication between measurement devices and local or remote management systems creates new options for domestic and building technology applications.

The principal purpose of communication is the ability to control the quality and consumption of the remote power supply for every single user in real time. The energy can be recorded with date and time, in order to analyse the efficiency. The ease of management for the software solutions provides unlimited flexibility in the use of these solutions.