40 years of MBS AG

40 years of MBS AG

40 years of MBS AG

Milestones in our company history


XCTB current transformer series

MBS AG expands its portfolio of products with the XCTB current transformer series for high-precision harmonic measurements at 20 kHz.


40 years of MBS AG

Using energy to transform ideas into products. MBS AG is one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers of low and medium-voltage current transformers and measuring transducers. Its modern industrial buildings have been a Sulzbach landmark for years. Today, MBS provides more than 160 people from 16 nations with a secure job, as well as numerous training places, making it a valuable employer in the region.

Reason enough then to celebrate the company’s anniversary in Sulzbach on the 9th and 10th of June with people who have contributed to the success of MBS. Figures from public life, partners, customers, suppliers, and employees, as well as neighbours, were personally invited to join in the celebrations at Uhlbachhof.


MBS is in the TOP 100

For the 23rd time, the TOP 100 awards are presented to the German SME sector’s most innovative companies. This year, MBS AG ranks among this innovation elite. In preparation for this, the company from Sulzbach-Laufen took part in a rigorous scientific selection process. The company’s innovation management and innovation success are both scrutinised closely. The mentor of the innovation competition, Ranga Yogeshwar, will crown the top innovator at the German SME Summit on 24th June in Essen.



Expansion of the high-bay warehouse

In 2015, the Sulzbach-Laufen site implemented a further high-bay warehouse with 22,000 load carriers as well as two further production halls.

The fully automated high-bay warehouse now has over 40,000 spaces – with 4 robots transporting over 28,000 products in seconds.

A new administration building is also being acquired.


Production of MS transformers

The 28th of November 2012 marked the start of a new era for MBS AG and its partners.That’s because, since this time, MBS AG has been producing not only its extensive range of low voltage current transformers, but also now transformers for medium voltage applications.

From now on, we are able to supply you with MS support current transformers in the 10 N and 20 N series with a slender design compliant with DIN 42600 Part 8.
We are also able to supply you with single-pole and dual-pole insulated voltage transformers in the 10 N and 20 N series in the designs described in the DIN 42600 standard.


Production facility opens in Hungary

With a production area of around 9,000 m2, a further production facility is opened in Hungary in the summer for the manufacture of electronic components.


New-generation current transformers – CTB current transformer series

As 2010 begins, MBS AG has expanded its product portfolio to include the new CTB current transformer series.

The new CTB current transformer type offers not only a higher maximum operating voltage (Um < 1.2 kV), but also a higher isolation test voltage (6 kV Ueff, 1 min., 50 Hz) and a higher operating temperature range (-5 °C < T < +50 °C).
The new CTBs also feature a new, screwless connection technology in the form of the “Cage Clamp®” spring-type terminal.
All of the transformers of this type are UL-certified: Certificate number – 20100426-E336996.





  • Development and start of production of a new current transformer series for use with variable primary conductor dimensions
  • ASK 205.5 and ASK 165.5 type series


  • Development of a new current transformer series for direct installation into ABB/Siemens switching strips
  • AS 176.3 type series


  • Development and start of production of a new current transformer series with cast multi-core systems
  • MBS becomes a public limited company
  • MBS serves its customers in northern Europe directly through its branch office in Cuxhaven


  • MBS receives the GOST certificate for its entire product portfolio, thereby gaining access to the Russian market
  • MBS opens its third plant for the production of toroidal cores in Spraitbach, Baden-Württemberg
  • MBS showcases its extensive product portfolio on an area of 120 m2 at the Hannover Trade Fair


  • Development and start of production of highly sensitive differential current transformers for use in network protection systems
  • MBS shows it is open for export business – with branches opening in the United Kingdom and Slovenia


MBS offers its customers the production of customer-specific equipment and continues to expand its portfolio of products. A high-performance warehousing and logistics centre is built at the site in Sulzbach-Laufen.



  • Start of production of new current converter designs manufactured using PU encapsulation
  • New series of protection transformers
  • Special designs for switching strip manufacturers


Market launch of a new series of current converters with divisible, KBU-type measuring system.


  • MBS achieves fully automated production for semi-finished metal and plastic products


  • MBS receives the GL Type Approval Certificate from Germanischer Lloyd in recognition of its superlative quality


  • MBS brings together its back-office services in an architecturally ambitious and functional administration building.
  • This is where the MBS Group’s main head office is still based today.


  • Recognition of the MBS quality management system through the award of “DIN EN ISO 9001” by the TÜV Mannheim.
  • This award opens the door to direct exports to over 20 countries


  • Development and start of production of the first electronic SWMU-type measuring transducer series
  • Start of production of further series of measuring transducers (NMC, EMBSIN)


  • Constant expansion of the currently available transformer designs.
  • Expansion of the transformer range for the measurement of alternating currents up to 7500 A


MBS expands its product portfolio and its production and warehousing capacities at the site in Sulzbach-Laufen.


  • Proof of the measuring accuracy and reliable use of MBS products comes with the opening of the EA90 state-recognised main testing centre for electricity measuring equipment, the sponsor of which is MBS Sulzbach Messwandler GmbH


  • First PTB design approvals for current transformers for use in the ESC sector
  • Development and provision of increasingly smaller, more compact designs for use in switchgear construction


Founding of MBS Sulzbach Messwandler GmbH by Prof. Wolfgang Gilgen in Sulzbach-Laufen, near Stuttgart, in Baden-Württemberg.

  • With tremendous innovative strength, MBS starts the production of a manageable array of low-voltage current transformers
  • Daily production of around 200 units
  • Constant design improvements with the aim of achieving ongoing expansion of the possible applications
  • Particular attention is paid to ensuring maximum user safety
  • The use as standard of a lead-sealable contact guard for secondary connections, for example
  • Easier assembly thanks to integrated foot and rail mountings