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Low-voltage current and voltage transformers

Low-voltage current and voltage transformers CatalogASR, ASK, WSK, EASR, EASK
Plug-in current transformer with "Cage Clamp" UL certificatedCTB / ECTB
Split-core current transformersKBU / KBR
Plug-in current transformer for InLine IIASKL
Three single-phase current transformer + multifunctional power measuring unit "Quick Connect"ASKDS + MPR3
Current transformers for power quality applications up to 20kHzXCTB
Split-core current transformers for power quality applications up to 20 kHzXKBR / XKBU
Low-voltage voltage transformersVTLS/ VTLD | VTLS-L/ VTLD-L

Medium-voltage transformers

Medium current- / voltage transformer until 30kVCTS, ECTS, VTZ, EVTZ, CTO, CTR
Current- and voltage transformer - frequency-optimized until 36 kVfrequency-optimized
Medium-voltage sensors for the use in the smart grid VSP12/ VSP24 | CSR/ CSO/ CSOD | ECO

Energy meter

Energy meters with S0-Impuls Output, M-Bus, Modbus, KNX, LAN/TC, Wireless-M-BusM1PRO / M3PRO

Data logger

Data logger for energy management and energy controllingEcon Unit+

RCM-Measurement/ Residual current monitoring

Residual Current Transformer Type ADACT
Residual Current Transformer Type BRCMB

Rogowski Coils

Rogowski CoilRogowski Coils

Measuring transducers

Measuring transducers for all electrical quantitiesCCT, SWMU, EMBSIN, MA, MV, MW, Multi-Ex, MT, MPt, RM


Shunts for nominal voltage drop 30mV, 150mV, 300mVShunts

Bus bar isolators / -supports

Bus bar isolators / -supportsDB/P, CS/P, CT/P, CPE, PI/P, PSB

Switching cabinet air conditioning

Air conditioning units for panel boardsDownload